Life Line Screening Services Makes Life Better for Everyone

Life Line Screening was established back 1993 by two women who established the company as a way to screen medical patients that were 50 years and older. Colin Scully found out about the business while on vacation in 1994 while he was on vacation. He then brought the company 5 years later with his brother-in-law Timothy Phillips. Colin Scully is now the CEO of this organization and has led the company to great success since he took over the leadership position and read full article.

Life Line screening provides a wide variety of services which includes screening for heart disease deficiencies, testosterone problems and for the detection of prostate cancer. Throughout the years Life Line services performs about 16,000 screenings every year and to date they have discovered at least 35,614 potential cases of heart disease and found at least 2,215,397 factors that had the potential to lead to cardiovascular disease.

The members of Life Line not only provide extremely important screening procedures they also help people with general health tips. For example, Life Line knows that stress is a huge problem for many people. While some stress is good, elevated periods of stress can cause a lot of problems. So, they tell people to enjoy music, play sports and even use a hot tub as a means of relieving stress and anxiety.

They also advise people over 50 to monitor the condition of their thyroid gland. This is another important tip because a person’s thyroid gland can cause them to become fatigued. Life Line wants people to know that they can improve their everyday lives by simply performing some basic health screening procedures and by simply evaluating their health in general.

Life Line is located around the globe in various countries including the U.S., the U.K., Mexico and Canada. Austin, Texas is the headquarters of this organization though it was founded in Florida and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Life Line also works with a few other medical organizations in the effort to prevent disease and to improve the quality of life for millions of people. This organization does take insurance for their screenings. Any person over 50 who wants to ensure that their health remains intact, should strongly consider using Life Line’s Screening preventative services and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

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