Avaaz Organization Developments and Achievements

Avaaz is a civic organization which has its roots in the U.S from where it was set up in 2007. It was founded by two groups: Res Publica and MoveOn.org both groups having their bases in America. The word “Avaaz” is a word in various Asian and European countries which means “voice” in English translation. The organization, however, does not have an ideology but has a simple mission which is to help citizens reduce the differences between the world they live in today and the world most of the people would want. Avaaz, therefore, advocates on global issues such as human rights, climate change, animal rights and any matter related to them.

Avaaz is headed by its founding president Ricken Patel who is also the executive director. The group claims that it has never taken donations from any corporation or foundation since the year 2009 but relies on individual members’ contributions which have raised more than $20 million. To maintain global campaigns, Avaaz has set up a team of campaigners working from six continents. The team uses seventeen languages to communicate with the organization’s members through email or at times uses methods such as email-your-leader tools, and online public petitions to allow citizens get help on arising issues and read full article.

The group also uses commissions’ legal advice for clarity of the best means to campaign, advertisements and at times may stage “media friendly stunts, sit-ins, and rallies.” Each stunt is designed to achieve a particular objective and is not dangerous at all. Some include members creating a human chain handshake to request for a dialogue between the organization and another company they tend to communicate to but have refused and resume their.

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