Paul Mampilly Bets On The Continued Growth Of ‘Chipping’

For Paul Mampilly, the term ‘get chipped’ is one that stirs great excitement within. The term refers to a practice in which employers use surgical means to implant ID or RFID chips in between an employee’s thumb and index finger. Three Squares Market is a company that currently uses this technology.

The chip allows Three Squares Market employees to access areas and equipment that would that would otherwise require a key, password, or company credit card. An example of this technology at work is that company employees no longer have use for key cards to open doors or provide access to copy machines. Similarly, snack room purchases no longer reply an employee to have cash or debit card as purchases can now be billed to them and read full article.

Paul Mampilly recognizes that many will initially have misgivings upon encountering this technology. He states that nay saying when introduced to fresh technology is human nature. To hammer home his point, Mampilly reminds of the Swedish scientist Conrad Gessner who once opposed book publishing.

Fact it, this technology is already in use. It is the technology behind the E-Z pass and other systems used at tollbooths. An increase in this technology’s usage will not cause any negative effects to society.

Paul Mampilly’s support of this technology is simple convenience. He estimates that in a given week he reaches for his wallet more than 30 times. He also believes that lugging documents around is a chore he could do without. He believes that getting chipped would save him countless hours of searching for and things. It would also decrease the stress in his life because he would not have to worry about losing or finding important information and his Twitter.

Mampilly is so convinced that this technology will continue to advance in general society that he added stocks related to this technology to his Profits Unlimited portfolio. The results were extremely positive. Mampilly saw a 50% return on these stocks in seven months.

Paul Mampilly attended Montclair State University for his undergraduate studies. While at Montclair, Mampilly satisfied the requirements to receive a bachelor’s in Business Administration. He would then continue his education at Fordham Graduate School of Business and obtained an MBA in 1996 and

Mampilly went on to a long illustrious career on Wall Street and also was successful with personal investing and entrepreneurship.

After officially retiring as a hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly started two newsletters that he uses to educate the public on making sound investment decisions. One newsletter is entitled Profits Unlimited. The second is known by the name Extreme Fortune and Paul Mampilly’s lacrosse camp.