How Ronald Fowlkes Began Selling Eagle Products

Ronald Fowlkes started his career in the military. He wanted to be a part of the military and wanted to make sure he was giving people the help they needed because of the issues they normally faced while they were a part of the military. Ronald Fowlkes also knew doing that would give him the best chance at success so he could continue with a better career in the future. Everything that Ronald Fowlkes did while he was in the military led back to him making the right choices and showing people how he could be successful in the future. For Ronald Fowlkes, this meant he had to show people what he could do and the right way to make his life better no matter what was going on in the world around him.


Like many people, Ronald Fowlkes left the military and went directly into law enforcement. While working as a law enforcement officer, he made the choice to show people what they could do and how their lives could get better if they followed what he was doing. In addition to working as a law enforcement officer, Ronald Fowlkes tried to provide support to everyone who was in the same situation. He knew law enforcement was an important part of the industry and was something that people would need to rely on if they were going to have a successful life. He wanted to protect the public and his career in law enforcement gave him the ability to do that.


Like many things, Ronald Fowlkes progressed through the law enforcement field. He eventually became a team leader and started working to help people with the issues they were facing as law enforcement officers. When he was working in the team leader position, he was able to show them what they needed to do and how their lives would get better if they were given the opportunity to be successful. In addition, Ronald Fowlkes tried to always give them what they were looking for from within the law enforcement community.


After he realized just how little support law enforcement professionals had, Ronald Fowlkes made the choice to start offering new opportunities to those who were a part of law enforcement. He came up with ideas for new products, he worked in a way that allowed him the chance to try these new products and he provided them to the communities around the country that were just trying to protect and serve. Ronald Fowlkes had always wanted to help out his brothers and sisters in Blue and doing the Eagle Products is what gave him the chance to make that happen so he would be able to work on different opportunities.


Accomplishment of Stream Energy

Stream Energy is one of the top energy and joined life service supplier and direct vending organization. Energy Marketing Conference awarded the organization in the year 2016 for the Most Innovative Marketer Year Award which was held in Houston, TX. Furthermore, the award is always given to an energy supplier that makes outstanding steps in generating new programs, advanced customer knowledge, products and bundled services.

According to the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Energy Services who is known as Greg Martin the Energy Marketing Conference is an exceptional conference that enables industries to perform better in providing better services and also the Stream Energy will always cherish for receiving the award and also for Stream Energy to be recognized its display the teamwork and devotion that they put through in achieving their objectives. He also is certain their goals are to re-invent themselves so they can discover the right grouping of significance for their clients and shareholders. Learn more at Weekly Opinion about Stream Energy.

The co-founder of Energy Marketing Conference and Advanced Energy Capital, LED Plus who is Jack Doueck was delighted to present Stream Energy the 2016 Most Innovative Marketer of the Year Award. Furthermore, he said that each year it is thrilling to see the industry create new and inventive ideas that grasp clients from their service line.

Furthermore, the Most Innovative Marketer of the Year Award in the year 2016 was funded by Hansen Technologies and the contenders were Brilliant Energy, Green Mountain Energy, Just Energy and RRH Energy. Still, Stream Energy was also selected on the 2016 REP of the Year Award. Read more at about Stream Energy.

Stream Energy was founded in the year 2005 and it is located in Dallas. Though using inventive direct selling it was able to transform the energy sector hence they made over $8 billion in total income in 12 years. These enable the organization to become one of the top direct selling organizations in the worldwide energy market.

Lastly Stream Energy link with other organization such as Energy Services, Wireless Services, Protective Services and Home Services so they can create better services to the clients these enabled them to enlarge the organization services to other parts of the states including Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and New York.


A review of Newswatch TV – The best Breaking News Network

Based in Washington, DC and owned by Bridge
Communications (a video production & communications company), an
award-winning 30 minute news show that was first aired on 1989 and since then,
it has aired more than 1000 episodes in 200 markets in the United States. This
TV show is popular among the viewers because of their honest news airing
policy. Newswatch covers content in most of the popular fields including
movies, apps to download, gadgets to use, weather updates, business trends, and
tech. The content can also be accessed from their social media channels
including Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, youtube and many more.

The show usually broadcast at around 7 a.m.
news on Monday on all Ion television affiliates, AMC network and syndicated
local stations. The show features SMT interviews, national non-profit awareness
campaigns and video news releases that are submitted by various providers to
the channel.

Newswatch TV has welcomed hundreds of
celebrities on the show till date. Some of the celebrities that appeared on the
show are Carrie Underwood, Diane Lane, Dr. oz, Phil Mickelson, Julianne Moore,
Olympian Carl Lewis, Ted Danson, Brooklyn Decker and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Some companies were also appeared on the
show in the past and some of them were Toyota, Ford, NASCAR, Blue Books,
D-Link, LG, Sports Authority, American heart Association, GoodYear, Bounty,
Discovery channel and many more. All this record displays the popularity of the
channel and the authenticity of its content.

Some of the campaigns that aired on the
NewsWatch TV include Contour Design Campaign. This campaign featured the Roller
mouse board as its USP. Other campaigns that were featured on Newswatch TV are
Saygus Smartphone Campaign, Steelseries Campaign, and Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.

All of
the clients were highly impressed with the Newswatch TV reviews. You can access
the details of this campaign on the Newswatch TV review page of the website and
you will be able to know in-depth details of these campaigns.

One of
the best features of Newswatch TV is AppWatch which became immensely popular
after its release in 2012. This segment entirely focused on reviewing New and
Upcoming apps for the mobile users.

Fear Trading? Not If You Use Malcolm Casselle Cryptocurrency Live The Right Way!

The game skins platform called WAX, formerly known as Worldwide Assets Exchange aims to innovate token trading. Its decision to expand into live cryptocurrency trading for its incentivized in-game apps came as no surprise. With plans to establish an intelligent network of marketplaces, WAX innovations put emphasis on trading digital video game assets (items) for the cryptocurrency.

It’ll be developed on a Blockchain framework, in conjunction with a multi-layered regulatory oversight. This collective constitutes a supervisory body known as Guilds and their subordinates operating as Transfer Agents. In addition, WAX entrusted a blockchain consensus algorithm and rating systems to support its collective. It’s taken this collaborative approach to enhance security and safeguard its digital asset exchange.

Its rating system ensures proper conduct of Guilds and Transfer Agents authenticating virtual exchange transactions. Transfer Agent duties range from completing transfer exchanges to asset delivery. Whereas, Guilds monitor ownership and authenticate exchanges conducted by transfer agents as a governance/regulatory oversight. With specialized IoT tools and RFID technology, recording and tracking physical assets linked to token holders (owners) as they become available is a breeze. In any event, a representative (Transfer Agent) fails to make do when on duty.

Guilds have the right to take disciplinary action against the supposed agent or face punishment. A common form of penalty imposed on Guilds is degradation. In some instances, misconduct can also compromise any outstanding earnings or compensatory benefits promised to a Guild. Token holders can also choose not to re-elect a Guild for future games. Those participating, be it collectors or fans, gain a rare opportunity to acquire prized assets (limited edition items) with virtual game tokens. For example, preowned championship game collectibles (NBA player jersey or shoe), James Bond featured Aston Martin, baseball card (Babe Ruth) and more.

Wax president, Malcolm CasSelle has developed master expertise managing cryptocurrencies. The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) graduate has worked extensively on the Bitcoin platform. A multilinguist, Mr. CasSelle speaks Mandarin and Japanese fluently. He obtained Computer Science degrees from Stanford and MIT. Prior to joining the WAX family, he developed impressive resume assuming leadership to top cryptocurrency and digital asset companies. A sampling includes SeaChange’s Digital Media where he assumed the role of General Manager/Senior Vice-president.

At Tronc, CasSelle assumed the role of an oversight governing and managing digital assets as CTO/president.He previously served Timeline Labs as CEO before SeaChange acquired the social signaling startup in 2014. It’s one of the startups established by Malcolm CasSelle that found success. This digital industry executive has guided many startups, including the gaming social network, Xfire, Media Mass and more.

He’s acquired shares in a collection of blockchain verticals, Zynga and Facebook. Mr. CasSelle also co-founded and played a pivotal position in raising funding for the billionaire telecom company called PCCW. Today, this Hong Kong-based telecom partner is estimated at $35 billion. The top digital video games marketplace, OpSkins, a global industry heavyweight, appointed CasSelle as CIO.

Betsy DeVos: Champion of American Education

Betsy DeVos is the newest United States Secretary of Education. She was appointed by President Donald Trump, because he believed in her expertise in the field of education. However, her appointment is marred with controversy as the senate vote for her confirmation ended in a tie. Half of the senate wanted her appointment to go through, while another half does not want her to become a part of the president’s cabinet. The tie required the vice president to step in, and he voted in favor of Betsy DeVos’ appointment. Betsy DeVos thanked everyone who believed in her, and now that she has been appointment as the new United States Secretary of Education, she promised that she will continue her causes and that she will make sure that all American children will be able to go to school.


Before becoming the United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is known as a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Long before her appointment as a cabinet member, she is already helping the children in her home state by giving them school vouchers and letting them choose the school of their choice. This is her platform and vision for the American educational system – to give less fortunate children the chance to attend private schools, because she believes that they can learn more by attending public school alternatives and thus, become successful later in life. Many children and families across the state of Michigan benefited from the program, and the children which later graduated have become one of the most competitive in their own respective fields.


Betsy DeVos is also explaining how the freedom of school choice will help the children become successful. She admits that some of the American public schools are lacking the facility and the competency against other private schools, which is why she is giving the children a chance to select any alternative schools that they wanted to attend to learn. According to her, this is a temporary solution, because she will be doing her best to alleviate the level and the competency of public schools during her term. She is also looking into helping poor and struggling college students, by giving them assistance and working with a student loan firm for a trillion dollar loan program.


Coming from one of the richest clans in the United States, Betsy DeVos married Dick DeVos, also from a wealthy family. Together, they used their riches to help people especially those who are living in their home state of Michigan. Betsy DeVos founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which aims to help people who are in need. They are helping causes which are conservative in nature, like Christian schools and Christian missionaries, and at the same time, helping other civilian facilities like hospitals, museums, and research centers.


Follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.


George Soros Monstrous Donation Pulls him down the Forbes List

Billionaire Gorge Soros $ 18-billion-donation to the Open Society Foundations might not have been a good idea after all. The donation which is ranked one of the biggest ever to be donated to a private organization is believed to have the dire aftermath. Mr. Gorge Soros did this donation based on his net worth, and this has just earned him a major pull down along the Forbes list.


Before the Donation

According to Forbes, Soros had an estimated net worth of $23 billion just before he transferred the huge amount to the Open Society Foundations. In 2017 just a few hours before Forbes had compiled a new list, Soros was in the 20th position among the richest individuals in the US. The $18 billion-donation, when accounted for after the report had been made, Soros was moved down to the 59th position out of the richest people in the US. Currently, Forbes reports that Soros only have a total net worth of $8 billion. This was after he had again transferred another $15 billion gift to his foundations.


About Gorge Soros

George Soros is the manager and the founder of the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations was founded and launched 30 years ago by Soros, to advocate for the rights of the people in the US and other parts of the world. Gorge Soros is a magnate Businessman and an investor who is known for his great business and managerial skills. The 87 years old, who is also one of the richest individuals in the US is also known for major philanthropic donations to various organizations. Gorge Soros is a Hungarian-American who is currently working on improving his Open Society Foundations, and contact him.


Political Interests

Soros is known as a political-minded individual who can do anything possible to support his political interests. For instance, in 2016, Soros supported Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. However, the political support that Soros accorded to Hillary Clinton placed him quite perfectly before the Republican critics. It is also worth mentioning that Soros was moved by the fact that some Americans were facing after-election violence and that their lives were in danger. Soros contributed some amount to ensure that people’s lives are protected by the law enforcers.


The Root of Soros’s Philanthropy

Soros in his initial age lived in Nazi-occupied Hungary is a lad. Since he was not impressed with the governance in his location, Soros moved from Hungary to London, and then to the United States of America. It is in the US where Soros found some success on the Wall Street. Soros is also remembered as the one man who managed to break the bank of England in 1992. This is because he made a bet with an estimated amount of $1 billion against the British Pound.

Mr. Gorge Soros is mostly known as someone who is soft and kind-hearted. He is currently supporting some foundations that are looking to ensure that the people’s rights are not violated. His Philanthropic heart is inherited as his parents also were great donors to the society, and read full article.

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