A review of Newswatch TV – The best Breaking News Network

Based in Washington, DC and owned by Bridge
Communications (a video production & communications company), an
award-winning 30 minute news show that was first aired on 1989 and since then,
it has aired more than 1000 episodes in 200 markets in the United States. This
TV show is popular among the viewers because of their honest news airing
policy. Newswatch covers content in most of the popular fields including
movies, apps to download, gadgets to use, weather updates, business trends, and
tech. The content can also be accessed from their social media channels
including Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, youtube and many more.

The show usually broadcast at around 7 a.m.
news on Monday on all Ion television affiliates, AMC network and syndicated
local stations. The show features SMT interviews, national non-profit awareness
campaigns and video news releases that are submitted by various providers to
the channel.

Newswatch TV has welcomed hundreds of
celebrities on the show till date. Some of the celebrities that appeared on the
show are Carrie Underwood, Diane Lane, Dr. oz, Phil Mickelson, Julianne Moore,
Olympian Carl Lewis, Ted Danson, Brooklyn Decker and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Some companies were also appeared on the
show in the past and some of them were Toyota, Ford, NASCAR, Blue Books,
D-Link, LG, Sports Authority, American heart Association, GoodYear, Bounty,
Discovery channel and many more. All this record displays the popularity of the
channel and the authenticity of its content.

Some of the campaigns that aired on the
NewsWatch TV include Contour Design Campaign. This campaign featured the Roller
mouse board as its USP. Other campaigns that were featured on Newswatch TV are
Saygus Smartphone Campaign, Steelseries Campaign, and Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.


All of
the clients were highly impressed with the Newswatch TV reviews. You can access
the details of this campaign on the Newswatch TV review page of the website and
you will be able to know in-depth details of these campaigns.

One of
the best features of Newswatch TV is AppWatch which became immensely popular
after its release in 2012. This segment entirely focused on reviewing New and
Upcoming apps for the mobile users.