Anthony Petrello and How He’s Brought about High Profits at Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is one of the nation’s most accomplished CEOs as the leader of a billion-dollar oil drilling technology and contracting company, Nabors Industries based in Houston, TX. Anthony Petrello joined this company partly because his legal knowledge of the corporate and financial world was sought after, and so far he’s helped maximize all the production sectors of Nabors Industries. The company boasts of owning the largest land-based drilling rig fleet, and its offshore rigs are also quite large. Petrello’s compensation was the largest of any CEO in 2013 due to a restructuring of his contract that paid him out $68 million. But because he didn’t get quite that amount in 2014, he didn’t top the highest-paid bosses that year and more information click here.

Petrello is known in Newark, NJ where he grew up in a working middle class family. And his twitter, He was often known to solve math problems on napkins while he was in elementary school, and his high grades he earned in the subject got him accepted to Yale University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in advanced mathematics and later completed his master’s in the field, and most notably he was one of the favorite students of Professor Serge Lange, famous in the math community for his discoveries in algebra. But Petrello went into law instead after he completed his master’s, and once he completed his J.D. and passed the bar exam, he became one of the finest attorneys at Baker & McKenzie in New York. He was even a partner there for several years and learn more about Anthony.

In addition to his career in law and later as an oil industry executive, Petrello has been highly involved with the local Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. He and his wife Cynthia have a little girl named Carena who had periventricular leukomalacia, a disorder that later caused cerebral palsy. While they knew they couldn’t have a curing treatment for Carena, they knew they could potentially help her and many other children struggling with CP. So they contributed $7 million to the Dan & Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute which in return has been very grateful to have his support.

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