Doe Deere – on topic article

In 2008, a line of cosmetics appeared online that set the beauty industry on it’s ear. Rich, vibrant colors that stood out even more in comparison to the trendy Sepias and earth-toned shades that were in style at the time. These rich jewel shades were not to be ignored. They were eye-catching, they were bold, and they quickly became all the rage.


The world had met Lime Crime cosmetics.


Lime Crime was the brainchild of Doe Deere. A bold, eye-catching individual herself, Doe created Lime Crime to help others like herself express their uniqueness and individuality. They wanted top be able to look in the mirror and see on the outside what they felt on the inside, and Lime Crime made it possible for them to do just that.


When the idea for Lime Crime was born, Doe had set out only to create the look she herself favored. She found it more and more difficult to find cosmetics in the brilliant shades she had always preferred, so she started to create her own by combining products and ingredients that were colorful and expressive. Wherever she went, people would flock to her, raving over her makeup and begging to know where they could get it for themselves. The seed had been planted that would grow into Lime Crime.


Doe herself had come from a background which had essentially prepared her for this fate every step of the way. Born in the city of Izhevsk, Russia on June 15, 1981, Doe got her first taste of what her future as a beauty mogul held when she was in the eighth grade. She began creating temporary tattoos for herself and wearing them to school. The other students saw these and immediately wanted some of their own. Doe decided to make and sell the tattoos to her schoolmates.


Doe and her family moved to New York City in the United States when she was 17 years old. Doe adapted quickly to her new surroundings, joining a local band and playing gigs around the city ( Being onstage and being the center of attention of large crowds of people taught Doe how to grab the attention of a crowd and make them take notice. Here was another trait that was to come in handy when she launched her own makeup line.


Doe became discouraged at being unable to find the vibrant colors of makeup she so desired, thanks to the trend of the times – muted, earthy shades and “natural” colors. Frustrated, she began to make her own makeup products by blending bold shades together and wearing them. Her unique look caught the eye of people wherever she went and they would flock to her for information on where they could get these products for themselves. What began as simply creating something for herself to achieve the look she wanted became the seed that would grow into Lime Crime makeup.


Today, Doe lives a happy life in Los Angeles, California with her husband and their three cats. She still oversees the development and production of all of her Lime Crime beauty products to ensure that they are Vegan as well as cruelty-free, and to be sure that her army of devoted followers, whom she lovingly calls her ‘Unicorns”. will be thoroughly pleased with each and every new, fabulous shade of makeup which is truly created just for them.