Whitney Wolfe Gets Thinks Outside The Box

There is a lot of talk about the dating apps because singles have become frustrated with the traditional process of meeting someone. There are people that still meet in bars and clubs, but there s a population of ladies that have decided to take interest in a different form of dating.

Whitney Wolfe is aware of this change with singles, and she has made conscious effort to do something about it.

What Whitney Wolfe has done is develop the app that has women and men talking about how they can find someone easier. What Whitney Wolfe has done is create a powerful app that allows people to you maximize their time by putting a 24-hour spin on the connection process.

Men may find themselves contacting multiple women in order just to get a connection with one. The process of waiting around can be grueling. Whitney Wolfe knows this, and that is why her Bumble app is beneficial to men as well. It really stops the waiting process because the 24-hour period is put into place. Whitney Wolfe established the app where men do not have to wait around for days or weeks wondering if they will be contacted.

What Whitney Wolfe has managed to do better than most of the men in the app industry is simply think outside of the box. There are many other the type of apps that were just carbon copies. Whitney Wolfe saw the benefits of trying something new. As the co-founder of Tinder Whitney Wolfe was already aware of what the date app future could look like. She was much more interested in bringing forth something that was different than what was previously out there. Whitney Wolfe wanted to do something fresh and innovative in the dating app industry that that would liven things up.

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