Nine9: The 99 Percent’s Platform

Actors and models have struggled for years in the masses due to not being able to gain the necessary exposure in the entertainment industry as their wealthier counterparts do. This is usually result of agencies signing on actors who have the money for them. Nine9 seeks to change the platform in favor of those who may not be able to or don’t want to work with an agency just yet. This is because Nine9 is an “Unagency.” In this video, we learn about Nine9’s vision of utilizing a four step program designed to assist the 99% of actors and models who want to climb the entertainment ladder without an agent.

They show various testimonials of real individuals who have utilized Nine9’s platform and succeeded. The video then goes on to describe the process in which an individual going through Nine9 will work a photo shoot. This includes giving them tips and tricks on how to look their best on the day of the shoot. The last third of the video is the CEO and founder of Nine9, Anthony Toma, talking more about Nine9’s system and how it is revolutionizing the entertainment industry in a major way.

Anthony Toma discusses how difficult it is for new actors and models in the industry trying to find their way to go and getting lost. He wants them to use Nine9 to help assist them in this process of getting them to the place they dream of. At the end of the video, Anthony Toma wants the people interested in this platform to know it takes hard-work and dedication to get wherever it is they want to be and more information click here.

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