Aloha Construction: the Most Sought-After Home Construction Company for Its Expertise in Home Restoration Services

Aloha is redefining the construction industry in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin with its unmatched quality deliveries. The company emerged from a small family venture and grew over the years to the industry titan it is today. The growth is a result of strong values in integrity, honesty, and professionalism that drives the firm. The amicable working relationship with suppliers and contractors has also played a part in the impressive growth while the excellent customer care has kept them coming back. The leadership at the firm led by the President and CEO Dave Farbaky is dedicated to seeing that Aloha achieves its goals, and learn more about Aloha Construction.


Excellent Skills

Aloha is equipped to perform minor or major repairs as well as renovations that leave the clients’ homes as good as new. The professionals at the company know to inspect a home, detect the source of the problem, and provide lasting solutions. When it comes to roofing, the company can step in and carry out the inspection of shingles, attic ventilation, and flashing to detect problems. Expert advice on the best courses of action then follows. It is notable that the company gives a ten-year warranty on roofing, cementing its quality work.

Stagnant water around the home is known to destroy the concrete as well as cause mold, erosion, and wet basements. Aloha construction is equipped to repair the gutter system in a way that water is directed away from the house through the installation of miters, elbows, and gutter guards. The company can handle different kinds of sidings repair including wood, stucco, brick, concrete, and aluminum among others. Same goes for the windows repair.


About Aloha Firm

Aloha has so far seen the completion of over 7000 projects. For enhanced delivery, the company has a regional office in Bloomington that serve the Peoria, Champaign, Washington, McClean, and Tazewell Counties. Another office is located in Lake Zurich, and

Aloha’s dedication goes beyond to the communities where it is actively involved in charity work each year. Earlier this year, the company joined hands with the Dave Farbaky Foundation and Learning Express to donate toys to children from poor backgrounds, and

The Glittering Financial and Technology Career of Richard Smith

Richard, Rick, Smith has a wealth of experience in several industries, including business administration, IT, and finance. The field that has made Rick the professional he is today is the telecommunication industry, a sector he has dominated for the last 40 years or more. He has held executive positions in all these disciplines at different times and organization within Dallas, Texas. He is an electrical engineer by training, having done his undergraduate and post-graduate studies in the field at State of New York University in Buffalo. He also trained for business administration at the University of Rochester and graduated with an MBA. Rick Smith has been the CEO of Securus Technologies since June 23, 2008.

Rick at Financial Management Frontier

Rick Smith started his career in the financial industry back in 1972 when he secured employment with Financial Management Frontier. In his 27 years in the company, he served in different positions, including vice president and controller, network plant operations director, and chief information officer among several others. Before leaving Financial Management Frontier in 1998, he was serving as the VP of financial management. Read more about Rick on

Rick at Eschelon Telecom

Rick Smith was at Eschelon Telecom for a whole decade from 1998 to 2008. He doubled up as the chief financial officer and executive vice president during his first couple of years at the company. In 1999, the company was going through an internal restructuring and Rick was given the company’s COO position in an acting capacity. In March of 2000, he was confirmed as the COO and was given another role as the president. When commenting on Rick’s promotion, one of Eschelon directors, Mr. Peter Van Genderen, praised Rick Smith for his visionary leadership and job commitment. He also noted that for the two years Rick served as the chief finance officer, the company had made more than $260 million in private equity. Debt financing, on the other hand, was recording a consistent growth rate of 50 percent for the two years. In August 2003, Eschelon announced that Rick had been promoted to the CEO position, a position he held till he left to join Securus Technologies in 2008.

Rick at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies at a time when the company was in the process of aligning itself to compete effectively in the correctional market tech industry. The company had merged with two competing firms, T-Netix, and Evercom, three years earlier and had acquired Sycon Justice Systems a year earlier. According to Richard Falcone, the man who Smith succeeded at the helm of Securus, the company’s board of directors chose Rick for the CEO position for his track record at Eschelon Telecom, Inc. When handing over the mantle to Rick, Mr. Falcone said that the company was in the right hands and expressed optimism that Rick would offer the leadership that the company needed to grow even further. Falcone was right: Securus has hit several notable milestones under Rick, making it the leading tech solutions provider in North America’s correctional facilities.

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Securus Technologies is Keeping Police Officers Safer

As a police officer in a crowded jail, each day that I go to work I am putting my life at risk. These inmates not only hate one another, they do not like authority figures in the jail watching them around the clock and telling them what to do. I have been in a number of fights this year from attacks that were called in by gang leaders looking to make a statement they own the jails.


Despite the gang leaders thinking they are in control, we have rules to play by and we have to keep these rules to protect ourselves and the inmates from harm. Trying to stop the gangs from fighting has been one of the most challenging aspects of working in a jail. The inmates outnumber us officers 5:1 in most instances, and could easily overtake us if not for the system we have in place for keeping order.


We try to keep gangs separated in the jail, and we give them the respect that we would like in return. That being said, we have to monitor their activity because if they wanted to wipe out a rival gang, they could do so easily without the top gang members even getting their hands dirty. There are plenty of low-level gang members in jail looking for any chance to impress, and fighting or killing comes normal to these inmates.


Recently, Securus Technologies installed a new inmate communication system that allows us to monitor their conversations even more closely. The reason I love the LBS software is because I have been able to decipher coded words the gang leaders are using without them even being aware we are on to them.


The LBS software has helped us to stop attacks on officers, rival gangs, and even a riot they were planning over the holidays.

Securus Technologies Shares Feedback On Their Technology To Solve And Prevent Crimes

Securus Technology is the largest provider of technology to the corrections and law enforcement industries in North America. Some of the technology they provide is designed to help those in both industries prevent and solve crimes. Richard A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company, recently shared the feedback that they had solicited from those in these industries who have used their technology to protect other inmates, staff, families, and the public at large. Mr. Smith also stated that his company is able to introduce a new product about every week that helps corrections officials and law enforcement solve and prevent criminal activity.

One of the comments they received in this open invitation to provide feedback came from a correctional facility that has used Securus Technology’s products and services for over a decade. He praised the company for their commitment to improve public safety and revolutionize the prison environment. Another was able to use surveillance tools in order to investigate complaints of harassment as well as to monitor potential threats against the correctional staff.

One comment from a law enforcement officer specifically called out the company’s LBS software. Using this software his department was able to recover millions in illegal assets, cash, and drugs. A correctional officer was able to use call monitoring software that revealed inmates use of alcohol, drugs, and contraband cellphones. They also learned about the inmates issuing threats over their drug selling and money transfers.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas Texas. They provide their products and services to almost 3,500 law enforcement departments and corrections agencies in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Their products are used to manage over 1.2 million inmates. Among the products and services they offer are emergency response, investigation, information management, biometric analysis, and inmate self-service among others.