The Glittering Financial and Technology Career of Richard Smith

Richard, Rick, Smith has a wealth of experience in several industries, including business administration, IT, and finance. The field that has made Rick the professional he is today is the telecommunication industry, a sector he has dominated for the last 40 years or more. He has held executive positions in all these disciplines at different times and organization within Dallas, Texas. He is an electrical engineer by training, having done his undergraduate and post-graduate studies in the field at State of New York University in Buffalo. He also trained for business administration at the University of Rochester and graduated with an MBA. Rick Smith has been the CEO of Securus Technologies since June 23, 2008.

Rick at Financial Management Frontier

Rick Smith started his career in the financial industry back in 1972 when he secured employment with Financial Management Frontier. In his 27 years in the company, he served in different positions, including vice president and controller, network plant operations director, and chief information officer among several others. Before leaving Financial Management Frontier in 1998, he was serving as the VP of financial management. Read more about Rick on

Rick at Eschelon Telecom

Rick Smith was at Eschelon Telecom for a whole decade from 1998 to 2008. He doubled up as the chief financial officer and executive vice president during his first couple of years at the company. In 1999, the company was going through an internal restructuring and Rick was given the company’s COO position in an acting capacity. In March of 2000, he was confirmed as the COO and was given another role as the president. When commenting on Rick’s promotion, one of Eschelon directors, Mr. Peter Van Genderen, praised Rick Smith for his visionary leadership and job commitment. He also noted that for the two years Rick served as the chief finance officer, the company had made more than $260 million in private equity. Debt financing, on the other hand, was recording a consistent growth rate of 50 percent for the two years. In August 2003, Eschelon announced that Rick had been promoted to the CEO position, a position he held till he left to join Securus Technologies in 2008.

Rick at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies at a time when the company was in the process of aligning itself to compete effectively in the correctional market tech industry. The company had merged with two competing firms, T-Netix, and Evercom, three years earlier and had acquired Sycon Justice Systems a year earlier. According to Richard Falcone, the man who Smith succeeded at the helm of Securus, the company’s board of directors chose Rick for the CEO position for his track record at Eschelon Telecom, Inc. When handing over the mantle to Rick, Mr. Falcone said that the company was in the right hands and expressed optimism that Rick would offer the leadership that the company needed to grow even further. Falcone was right: Securus has hit several notable milestones under Rick, making it the leading tech solutions provider in North America’s correctional facilities.

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Ricardo Tosto is Brazil’s Best Business Lawyer

One of the most famous lawyers from Brazil is Ricardo Tosto. He is considered the best business lawyer in the country. The fifty-four-year-old is a graduate of Mackenzie University. Later, he attended Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado for a course in business administration. Ricardo Tosto is a business partner at Tosto e Barros who is a famous Brazilian law firm. Several companies hire the firm to resolve their legal matters. According to Trade Publication of Brazil, Tosto’s firm is among top ten law firms that offer full legal service.

Ricardo Tosto has earned the reputation for being a successful business law entrepreneur. Decades ago, he started his career from a small office, and today his office is located in the most expensive building in the country. Several companies and numerous people hired Tosto for their defense in the court. The clients of Ricardo Tosto include national governments, politicians, NGOs, domestic companies and global groups.

During his career, Ricardo Tosto never violated the boundaries of Brazilian constitution. He faced stressful situations several times during his career. However, that never stopped him from his work. Due to his hard work, the legal system of Brazil made several changes, and new laws were introduced. The credit for changes in business laws in Brazil goes to Ricardo Tosto. He is the pioneer of many legal mechanisms that benefit the common man. It is a dream for young lawyers to work under his supervision. He introduced several new business lawyers. Now his firm has regional offices in major cities of the country. The firm takes cases like arbitration, conflict resolution, judicial litigation, and administration.

Ricardo Tosto has a twenty-three-year-old career during which he mastered issues like credit recovery, electoral law, commercial & civil litigation, international law, corporate restructuring, and banking. He has the membership of both Brazilian Bar Association and International Bar Association. He has an association with CESA and several firms. He founded the Brazilian Institute for Electoral & Party Law Research. He was elected as the President of OAB Commission in Sao Paulo which works for the modernization of judiciary. He is invited as a speaker at various events and conferences. Tosto has authored and reviewed several published articles.