Beckman Coulter Life Science and how they help workflow challenges with Robert Thikoll

In the Beckman Coulter lab, they do many different genetic analysis. They have a pulse-field process to help them find Data on DNA. They wanted to do a sequencing process, except it was very time consuming and would hurt their other work. A big challenge is that it could take up to two weeks from the beginning of the string to get their final data. Now due to new processes they are able to get the product they want within three days. They were only able to do 24 samples a day, but today they can get over 48 samples a day.

Beckman Coulter Life Science is a lab company that has a lab in Hoersholm, Denmark. They are located at 250 S. Kraemer Boulevard in the United States. They are competing with companies such as Sysmex Corp, Hitachi Koki Co., and Life Tecchnologies corp. Their company has a phone number at: 1 714 9935321.

In recent news, Beckman Coulter has released their earnings, received Canadian licenses, and received approval for a cardiac disease management assay.

The Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Operations for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Robert Thikoll lives in Davidson, North Carolina. He graduated with a bachelors’ degree in Japanese Language and Literature from Nanzan University. Moreover, he holds a degree from Arizona State University in Political Science and Government in Japanese Asian Studies.

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