The Up and Coming Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson is one of the proprietors of Jackson Family Wines. She was introduced to wine making by her parents and has grown with the family business into a lead role. She was heavily influenced by the style of wine making in France after spending some time there with her lifelong friend whom she met through her parents’ winery. During her college years, Julia pursued her passion of the French language and culture by teaching French and continuing to study their technique of wine making. Julia received a Bachelor of Arts at Scripps College and then went on to receive a certificate in Business Management at Stanford in 2010 which set a strong foundation for her work with Jackson Family Wines. Along with her educational experience, Jackson has experience working with a nonprofit called Seeds of Empowerment whose focus is on empowering and acknowledging female leaders and women who have overcome hardships. Though she admires France for their wine, she is still a California girl at heart and argues that Sauvignon Blanc is the one of the best wines in Sonoma. Jackson Family Wines is a flourishing winery currently in the process of making more international connections. As a proprietor, great things are on the horizon for Julia Jackson as she is in the process of making more connections with Asian wine companies and distributors. They currently produce brands of wine in five countries including a brand in Chile called “Caliana”.

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The Glittering Financial and Technology Career of Richard Smith

Richard, Rick, Smith has a wealth of experience in several industries, including business administration, IT, and finance. The field that has made Rick the professional he is today is the telecommunication industry, a sector he has dominated for the last 40 years or more. He has held executive positions in all these disciplines at different times and organization within Dallas, Texas. He is an electrical engineer by training, having done his undergraduate and post-graduate studies in the field at State of New York University in Buffalo. He also trained for business administration at the University of Rochester and graduated with an MBA. Rick Smith has been the CEO of Securus Technologies since June 23, 2008.

Rick at Financial Management Frontier

Rick Smith started his career in the financial industry back in 1972 when he secured employment with Financial Management Frontier. In his 27 years in the company, he served in different positions, including vice president and controller, network plant operations director, and chief information officer among several others. Before leaving Financial Management Frontier in 1998, he was serving as the VP of financial management. Read more about Rick on

Rick at Eschelon Telecom

Rick Smith was at Eschelon Telecom for a whole decade from 1998 to 2008. He doubled up as the chief financial officer and executive vice president during his first couple of years at the company. In 1999, the company was going through an internal restructuring and Rick was given the company’s COO position in an acting capacity. In March of 2000, he was confirmed as the COO and was given another role as the president. When commenting on Rick’s promotion, one of Eschelon directors, Mr. Peter Van Genderen, praised Rick Smith for his visionary leadership and job commitment. He also noted that for the two years Rick served as the chief finance officer, the company had made more than $260 million in private equity. Debt financing, on the other hand, was recording a consistent growth rate of 50 percent for the two years. In August 2003, Eschelon announced that Rick had been promoted to the CEO position, a position he held till he left to join Securus Technologies in 2008.

Rick at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies at a time when the company was in the process of aligning itself to compete effectively in the correctional market tech industry. The company had merged with two competing firms, T-Netix, and Evercom, three years earlier and had acquired Sycon Justice Systems a year earlier. According to Richard Falcone, the man who Smith succeeded at the helm of Securus, the company’s board of directors chose Rick for the CEO position for his track record at Eschelon Telecom, Inc. When handing over the mantle to Rick, Mr. Falcone said that the company was in the right hands and expressed optimism that Rick would offer the leadership that the company needed to grow even further. Falcone was right: Securus has hit several notable milestones under Rick, making it the leading tech solutions provider in North America’s correctional facilities.

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George Soros Would Like To Change The World Through His Vast Wealth

Virtually everyone who has got their hand on immense amounts of assets is prone to hoard it. George Soros doesn’t feel this way. He wishes to change the planet for a better culture, and he is fundamentally aware that funds are commonly the technique to encourage this to occur. Mr. Soros is from Hungary, and as a child he observed the influx of Hitler’s Nazis into his country. His family name was at onetime Schwartz, as Mr. Soros was born Jewish. His dad was worried that if Nazis learned of their Jewish background that his family would be in danger, or sent to become slaves under Hitler. His dad made use of what assets he had produced from being a skillful litigator, and got hold of official looking documents that were falsified to show that George was Christian. In an effort to protect their family more, his dad divided them and moved them to different locations. To finish off these attempts at protection, his dad switched their family name to Soros. It is a relatively new word that basically means “will soar,” or to rise above. Soros is an expression from Esperanto. His father had tutored George on the language when he was young.


When the Nazis were eventually defeated, Mr. Soros made it to London. Mr. Soros was exposed to the great Karl Popper’s principles, with reference to the opinion of a free & open civilization, and that a culture unrestrained by social discrimination can develop and thrive. This in due course changed George’s perspective on life. Mr. Soros achieved an influential Master’s in the arena of philosophy and decided to work hard at a highly acclaimed brokerage firm known globally as Singer and Friedlander. While he was there, George traded in venture securities. He would strive to pay money for one country’s securities, profiting from the trading to a different nation. Through this action, within only 4 years’ time, George was able to procure enough assets to move away to America. Visit to know more about George Soros

He arrived in New York, and in the fullness of time, Mr. Soros earned his American citizenship and embarked upon employment at various Wall Street ventures. Sometime in the 1970’s, he had achieved an adequate amount of assets to set up his hedge fund venture, which he donned the Soros Fund. A small time after this was switched to develop into the Quantum Fund. His triumphs allowed Mr. Soros to set up his assets to support individuals who were deprived and struggling with societal oppression. From these philanthropic activities Mr. Soros has given away billions of his assets to aid individuals and in addition to businesses to battle for righteousness.

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Betsy Devos, an Uncommon Core Advocate

The greatest asset of all of humanity is our children. The entire future of our existence rests on the shoulders of those we have brought into this world. With that being said, it is incumbent upon us as parents to make sure that the education of these precious gifts be placed in the hands of our most gifted and caring advocates. These advocates, our teachers, who every day impart knowledge, skills, and a sense of community to our children are the very back bone of society. As an advocate of teachers and an even greater devotee of the education of our children Betsy Devos brings a clear light into the world of education.

The concept of Common Core education is in and of itself a wonderful opportunity to bring about a base for education in the United States. However, as Betsy Devos has pointed out it is “the states who should administer the curriculum and not the federal government”. The states must administer the Common Core program and ultimately the testing criteria that is in line with Common Core basics. However, the states themselves should not be penalized if in fact certain aspects of Common Core are either adapted of eliminated in order to reach the goal which is the education of our children.

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In addition, Secretary Devos is a strong advocate of ‘School Choice’ and a subsequent voucher program. This particular philosophy not only opens up a wide variety of choices for the parents, but also helps the public education system by introducing a ‘competitive’ atmosphere which is always a healthy way to bring about positive change to any institution.

Secretary Devos ultimately wants to take Common Core and partner it with a School Choice voucher system to allow the states to implement a more responsive and positive approach to the education of our children. A powerful advocate of the ‘Every Student Succeeds Act’ Secretary Devos touted during her congressional confirmation hearings that “If confirmed, I will implement the statutory requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)…”

Clearly, Betsy Devos has a clear goal in mind and a definitive, positive approach to leading our children to successful lives and a brighter future for each and every one of us. In her own words, Secretary Devos will begin to dismantle the behemoth known as the Department of Education in order to facilitate the transition of power from the federal government to the states and in doing that offer a clear and concise path to the states leading the way for their children’s education. It is a bold move to say the least but it has its advocates and Secretary Devos will do all in her power to bring about its resolution.

In the final analysis, Betsy Devos as Secretary of the Department of Education brings a fresh and positive approach to the care and nurturing of our children. It is with the utmost humility that she serves this country, and more importantly our children. She has been, and will continue to be a child’s most vocal and staunch supporter.

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