The Life and Achievements of Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern refers to the founder and the managing partner of the JMH Development. He is prominently known for being an entrepreneur in the third generation. He regularly makes shifts between New York and Miami as dictated by the engagements of his work. He partakes the construction of skyscrapers that are meant to last for several years ahead.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

He is exemplary since he is the kind of a person who has abundant but considers it not to be enough. This is the reason that enables him to always look for more. Jason Halpern often features in the news in connection to his work commitments as well as the work ethic that makes him outstanding from others such as philanthropy and charity. He works in association with the Westchester Medical Center’s Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. In the year 2015, Jason Halpern extended his partnership to the international water non-profit charity via a pledge of $20,000 for every contract approved via the 300Collins.

Due to his possession of mission and vision, he has transformed different structures of historical worth into apartments and complexes. Jason Halpern has carried out projects varied in scope and demanding a lot of experience as well as finesse. Examples of this include beachside resorts as well as the commercial spaces.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Jason is known for having undertaken individual projects including the ‘one hundred and eighty-four Kent.’ It was in the course of this project that he transformed a warehouse into a classy apartment structure and afterward sold it out for 275 million. Currently, he confirms that the sale of Townhouses of Cobble Hill is made. Approval has been gained by his endeavor to set up a boutique condominium.

Jason’s Family

Notably, the expectation is that Jason Halpern is going to get married Veronika Gomeniouk. She is Ukrainian model who has been the guy has dated for a long time. It was during the birthday party of Winston Fisher who is a close friend that they were together. He was previously married and has a teenage boy from it. He takes the kid to games, notably the New York Giants games.

Samuel Strauch, Visionary And Successful Real Estate Broker And Investor

In a recent interview shared on IdeaMensch, Samuel Strauch is quoted as saying, “Life is a lesson, and whatever path we take is an essential part of our growth.”

Samuel Strauch speaks from experience with an impressive list of accomplishments that demonstrate the honesty and self-application of his words.

Mr. Strauch earned his undergraduate degree at Hofstra University in New York and went on to complete his studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University. He began his career in banking and eventually joined his family’s real estate business in Miami. With a keen eye for opportunity, Samuel Strauch quickly took notice of a new wave of real estate developments, and the transformation of a full-fledged metropolis on the beach.

He immediately recognized the potential for new investors among international clients and began his real estate career.

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor at CEOCFO Magazine, Published an article interview with Samuel Strauch on May 8, 2017. In the article, Lynn Fosse asked Mr. Strauch about his vision and focus for his company, Metrik Real Estate. Samuel Strauch stays in tune with what people want in order to accommodate his existing and future clients. In his response, Samuel stated that “people are looking for more experiences, rather than spending their money on trivial things. Millennials are paving the way into newer frameworks within society, that include work, relationships, living and travel across all areas of real estate.” Mr. Stauch not only recognizes the needs of his clients, he also considers the demographics and generational differences in order to offer his clients real estate choices that perfectly fit their needs.

In an April 10th interview with Eric Dye on Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Mr. Strauch described his business, Metrik Real Estate, and the services offered as, “…a set of vertically integrated platforms that involve, accusation, development, brokerage, and management. When asked what the most challenging aspects of his business are, Samuel Strauch responded by saying, “the most challenging, and yet the most rewarding aspect is integrating a high-caliber team to whatever the project may be.” His response demonstrates a love for his work and the highest quality standards for his clients.

Although Samuel Strauch is highly focused on Metrik Real Estate, his personal blog offers insight into his love of photography and art, with a breathtakingly poetic introductory description along with beautiful black and white photography. The depth and beauty of his shared thoughts and images offer a keen insight into his way of thinking, which intertwines with his charm and vision for his successful business, Metrik Real Estate.

Hussain Sajwani the Entrepreneurial Expert

Hussain Sajwani is the CEO and founder DAMAC Group founded in 2002, a company based in Dubai. The company develops commercial, residential and leisure properties not only in Dubai but also the Middle East. Before he founded DAMAC he got into the food business; it was quite rewarding but not as much as the real estate; Hussain saw a gap in the real estate business in Dubai and that is when he decided to venture in the field. The food business is still part of the current organization; it reminds him how far he has come. Mr. Sajwani’s company changed the look of the Dubai everyone knows and has made a great impact on how it looks now.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump currently the US president are business partners; their partnership has brought forth two golf courses, though one is not yet complete. During Donald Trump’s victory celebration he said that Hussain and his family are the most beautiful people. With him winning the election to be the president, he will leave the management of his firm to his children; three of them were already involved in the running before, so there will be no significant change. Hussain Sajwani hopes to continue the business partnership with the Trump organization for many years.

DAMAC Group has been engaged in helping the society; The CEO handed a cheque of two million AED to a campaign to clothe needy children. He acknowledged the effort of the Emirates Red Crescent in helping the future leaders and say giving them a good start in life is a good.

In 2008, Hussain Sajwani was among the few who saw that there will be a fall in the economy and he acted fast to make sure DAMAC Group will not be affected; the firm cut its cost and created reserves for the money they had, this made it easier for them to go back to normalcy. Hussain Sajwani has a lot of skills and expertise in real estate and food industry. The team at the company is chosen from the best in the market; all this makes DAMAC Group a perfect choice when thinking of services in those fields.

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