Troy McQuagge

There is an organization that goes by the name of One Planet Awards, and they make sure that people who are the heartbeat of business get their fair share of recognition. The categories they award include executive, team, new product and service, corporate communication, public relations and organizations. Anyone from across the globe is eligible for nomination, which means the competition is very stiff. Still, choices have to be made, if someone is going to come out on top. And, the vote are in. For 2016, One Planet Awards names Troy McQuagge as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the year. This is a big deal as the award is most coveted.

To be sure, this awarding is by no means the result of just being in the right seat at the right time. And, unlike other awards that are bestowed in other fields throughout the year, there is no way to politic one’s self into this spotlight. It is achieved by merit, and in this case the merit adds to more than half a decade of effort and improvement. However, it is not just personal growth and betterment that makes this particular CEO worthy of accolade. It is the results of his professional leadership that make the relationship noteworthy. He is credited with the spearheading major transformations in the USHEALTH organization. That is a huge network of professionals with a very busy job to do.

The award most likely has something to do with his reconstruction of the distribution agency USHEALTH Advisors. Then again, it might something to do with the following event of his election to CEO of USHEALTH Group. But on the other hand, it is completely possible that Troy McQuagge has his Gold Award for the revenue generated from competitive service his company provides to millions of patients. Really, it is all three of those things and more. But most of all, he deserves the award for his most humble of attitudes and learn more about Troy.

Even though he is named the winner, he lets others know that any real accomplishment is a team effort. And, when it comes to the task of providing affordable health care to millions of individuals, things can get complicated. Even still, Troy is more than happy to let the world know that it is the commitment of his team and fellow professionals who ultimately deserve such attention and Troy of Twitter.

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